About the Disciples of Death Heavy Metal Club

The Disciples of Death Heavy Metal Club

We are a not-for-profit heavy metal club dedicated to supporting and promoting metal and its culture.

Who Are the Disciples of Death?

We are the world’s fastest growing heavy metal club, supporting live music, new artists and outright mayhem.

As a heavy metal club, the Disciples of Death are committed to supporting new artists through a variety of initiatives.

As a not-for-profit organisation, every penny we make from membership fees to ticket and merchandise sales goes towards achieving our objectives, and benefiting bands and our legions of loyal members.

Members are organised into local chapters and their membership fees are used to fund grass roots gigs, for which all members get in for free.

So, browse our store, check out our latest events, discover more about membership benefits and follow us on Facebook.

Disciples of Death

Disciples of Death Chapters

Chapters are groups of like-minded metal heads, clubbing together to support their local scenes and organise gigs and nights out.

Each chapter has a minimum of four members, but new chapters can be set up with less than four for a probationary period of 12 months. All chapters are obliged to put on a minimum of four gigs per year, for which members get in for free. Members can also attend other chapters events for free, anywhere in the world, provided they are wearing their club patches.

Chapters are expected to contribute to the Disciples of Death gig guide and website content, and help local bands get their music and merchandise listed in our online store. Overall, chapters operate with complete autonomy within the Disciples of Death club framework.

If you would like to set up a local chapter, contact our team today.

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Our Mission

Every penny we make funds the following objectives.

Live Music Venues

Establish a global network of live music venues, dedicated solely to heavy metal music and culture.

Annual Festival

Create a unique heavy metal festival built almost exclusively around brand new artists.

Heavy Metal Club

Build the world’s biggest heavy metal club to bring new audiences and artists together.

Membership and Benefits

Offer club members a wide range of benefits, including free tickets and discount merchandise.

Access to New Music

Help members discover new music by providing free downloads of all our bands singles.

Connect Artists and Members

Enable all new artists to connect to our members to help grow their fan bases and sales.

Artist Management

Cultivate and nurture the next generation of heavy metal bands through artist management.

Music Distribution

Distribute new artist’s music and merchandise, offering 0% service charges and no monthly fees.

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