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Frequently Asked Questions

Are their membership fees?

Yes, there is a small monthly membership fee. This money goes towards venue hire and organising gigs and club nights, for which all paid members get free access.

What is expected of members?

Members are expected to perform a range of duties and responsibilities. They may be different between chapters, but on the whole members are expected to attend all gigs and club nights, helping to run those events.

You are also expected to interact and socialise with club members inside and outside club events, and you are expected to find new bands in your local scene, helping them to list their music and merchandise in the club’s online store and showcasing them at local club gigs.

And finally, we like all members and chapters to be active in their local communities. This includes charitable work and community engagement projects.

Can I set up my own chapter?

Technically, yes. To set up your own chapter you will need to contact our team and let us know a bit more about you and your location. If a chapter already exists, you will be directed to them. But if not, you can set up your own local chapter.

How many members must a chapter have?

All chapters need a minimum of 4 members. However, new chapters can operate with less than that for a probationary period of 12 months.

Are chapters restricted or autonomous?

Chapters are encouraged to be autonomous and manage their own affairs. However, there are certain things all chapters must do and rules that must be followed. Within this framework, chapters can do whatever they like.

Where can I get a list of chapters?

Information about individual chapters is not currently available publicly. However, you can contact our team and we’ll let you know where your nearest chapter is.

Is Disciples of Death a motorcycle club?

No. Of course, some of our members will ride motorcycles and some may also be in motorcycle clubs. But ours is a heavy metal club only.

Is Disciples of Death a criminal organisation?

No, absolutely not. Sure, we get up to all sorts of mayhem, but we are not a criminal organisation at all.

Our objectives are clearly stated on this website and our primary objective is supporting and nurturing grass roots metal.

Our membership fees go towards funding live gigs in local communities and all our members are encouraged to undertake charitable and community engagement projects.

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