Record Label

Disciples of Death
Record Label

Looking for a record label for your band?

The Ethical Record Label

Our record label may only sign one or two bands a year, but we do it with total commercial transparency.

Recording & Mastering

We get you the right studio and engineer for your sound, creating masterpieces time-after-time.

Video Production

We’ll find the best video production specialist to take your studio work and turn it into visual art.

Graphics & Artwork

Whatever you need, from logos to album artwork to merch designs, we’ve got your band covered.


We’ll source quality merchandise, manage your inventory and handle all packaging and distribution.


We’ll make sure you’ve got the best quality photography to enhance your image and social engagement.

eCommerce Development

To drive the growth you need your own website store, with CRM and data compliance processes.

Gig Bookings

Our team will continuously plug your band to promoters and booking agents to get you gigs and tours.

Digital Distribution

We work with the largest distribution platforms, giving you the biggest reach for sales and digital streams.


We’ll take care of your publishing royalties too, ensuring you get every penny you are owed.

Public Relations

Our PR team will get you in front of radio, TV and magazines to increase your global brand awareness.

Streaming & Playlists

We have a formula for getting bands into automated playlists on streaming sites, boosting your streams.

Social Media Advertising

Our team will create your advertising campaigns to drive increased streams and more sales.

SEM Advertising

We will also manage your advertising campaigns across the Google network and search results.


We don’t like to lose web visitors, which is why we’ll also deploy re-targeting ads to bring your fans back.

Streaming Site Advertising

Our team will also get your band advertised on streaming sites to grow your streams and sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing today is a legal minefield, which is why our team of experts will manage everything for you.

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